Comedians from St. Al's!

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When Alex Olupove and Morgan Mwangi, both now in form two (sophomores), joined St. Aloysius in 2016, they didn’t know each other. They were just young boys from Kibera with a hope for a better tomorrow, and St. Al’s was that hope for them. Thanks to the school’s firm belief in the holistic approach to formation of students to be men and women for others, Alex and Morgan discovered each other as friends with a common interest – comedy! Drawing from their daily life experiences in Kibera slums, they felt the compelling need to educate their peers about drugs through comedy. Having known that they had common interests and talent, they chose a rare path of synergizing their efforts to complement and build each other as opposed to competing and trying to outdo each other. What began for Mwangi as an enjoyable pastime in primary school with peers was gradually and steadily taking shape through interaction with Alex. Together they began to script a comedy on drugs and its effects to youth, families, and society at large. It didn’t take long before their talents were noticed by Arts and Drama Club teachers, Mrs. Esther Opil and Mr. Timothy Wanzala. The teachers supported the two to master and perfect their art. They chose comedy as a means of communicating because this is generally acceptable and appeals to all spheres of the society. Alex and Morgan are not only entertaining, but they are also educating the youth about how great potential and dreams can be shattered due to abuse of drugs.

In Kenya, drama competitions are held yearly during the second term of the school calendar (May-July), and this gave Alex and Morgan a great platform to showcase their talents and educate their peers as well. Consequently, they gave the competitions their first shot at the sub-county level where they emerged the best in their category by beating more than 10 schools. Buoyed by this performance, they proceeded to the county level and scooped position three. With the coaching and support of their teachers and the entire school, the two comedy kings showcased at the regional level where they were runners-up, a great improvement from the previous level. Their triumph only meant one thing, performing at the coveted national level and meeting other comedians from all over the country. It also meant that the name of St. Aloysius was put in the limelight courtesy of these two young and daring boys. This was the opportunity the two desired and worked hard for.

The expectations from the school were very high since these students had become instant celebrities within the school. As a way to enhance their confidence, they performed before the entire student body. Through the support of the school, they were able to fulfill their dreams of performing at the national level and therefore not only entertained the entire nation but also educated people about drugs through comedy. They are very proud to have represented the school throughout the competitions and cherish the massive support they received from everyone. For them, the school isn’t just a learning hub, but also a center that nurtures talents, opens up rare opportunities to young people, and provides key linkages that help foster their talents. As Mwangi confesses, he has learned a lot as a young and upcoming comedian. For these two young boys, the sky is the limit!

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