Meet Judith Lucera

My name is Judith Luchera.  I am 15 years old. I recently joined St. Aloysius Gonzaga High school in form one. Securing a chance in St. Aloysius was a great pleasure for me and my family. I stay with my father and four other siblings in Kibera slums.  As a young student in Kibera, one of the concerns that would persistently linger in my mind was where I would go to study in high school owing to my humble background. Even though this was a serious concern to me and my family, it didn’t deter me from working hard in school to attain good marks that would position me well for a good high school. I drew a lot of inspiration and advice from my aunt who happened to have gone through the school and is now studying to be a medical doctor. She shared very many fond memories of a school that helped her live her dreams and I couldn’t help but desire to be like her.  She would talk of caring staff, well-equipped laboratories and caring environment that support the aspirations of young students with lots of potential.

I have since come to appreciate all these stories. After sitting for my final exams in standard eight and attaining 324 marks out of possible 500, things looked gloom for my family and more so for my dad who couldn’t afford the money to take me to high school.  Just when this state of hopelessness seemed to be prevailing, the idea of seeking a chance in St. Al’s came back. Choosing St. Aloysius as my preferred high school was not a mean task for me partly by circumstances and partly based on the encouraging stories I have heard about the school especially from my aunt. Meanwhile, I kept praying to be granted this chance to study in this wonderful school that I have heard about. We made applications, did interviews and went back home to wait for the outcome. Inside me I knew I would do well because I had given it my best shot.

After a couple of days, we received a call informing us that I had succeeded. My dad shed tears…it was the best feeling for the entire family. The opportunity that I had long dreamt of was here for me and it was God-sent to me. Certainly, if not for St. Aloysius, I would still be home with my father pondering the next move. I want to make the best out of this opportunity in order to follow into the footsteps of my aunt who is pursuing medicine courtesy of St. Aloysius. So far, the school has turned out to be exactly what my aunt described years back. I thank God for this second chance to pursue my dreams. I also extend warm greetings to the school and its benefactors for their generosity and compassion to help me begin realizing my dreams. 

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