Michele Adem, St. Al's grad

My name is Michelle Adem; I am a graduate of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga class of 2017.  I aspire to be an Architect. I enjoy learning Math, Physics and Geography. Something special about Saint Aloysius Gonzaga is that it gives one a platform, exposing one to golden opportunities through scholarships to universities. Every year after graduation in form four, students enroll in universities and colleges to pursue various courses. This way, students are granted the opportunities to be able to turn around and improve the situation of their families and communities.

Through the Graduates Program, students who clear form four are immediately enrolled in the community immersion program known as community service that runs for six months. In addition to students getting the workplace exposure that is vital for their growth, they also receive a certificate of community service to authenticate their experience.

The benefits of community service are numerous and immense. Currently, I am doing my community service within St. Aloysius in a project known as IC4 - acronym for International Community for Collaborative Content Creation. The project is funded by Advancing Informal STEM Learning (AISL) program of the National Science Foundation (NSF). The project focuses on the promotion of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics among students in school. It involves students from all over the world sharing ideas through Microsoft sway, and also through sending emails to one another and video conferencing using software called Fuze meeting. Students also use video editing software such as Camtasia Studio 8. I’m one of the student leaders in our school and the teacher in charge of the project in the school is Mr. Edwin Omollo. His main role entails providing oversight to the projects done in Saint Aloysius Gonzaga. Together with a colleague of mine, our main role is to guide students in their projects. For students and student leaders, a project well done earns one a badge.

For more information you could visit the link: http://ic4.site/index.html The IC4 project has exposed students of same interest to one another globally. This enables students with common interests to build each other in the field of interest. Also, the students now are better placed, when it comes to projecting career choices. It provides insight to future career at an early stage. This enables the students to carefully and prudently choose their subject combinations in high school, preparing them for the university and college locally and even internationally. IC4 project has even brought students to the reality of studying abroad. The IC4 project has brought hope and a bright future to students in St. Aloysius. Above all, it has given girls like me a platform to compete fairly with boys in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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