Pilgrims at St Al’s Day 2018

Pilgrims at St Al’s Day 2018

The Pilgrimage

2019 Pilgrimage Dates: June 18-July 2

In 2010 and every year since 2014, St. Aloysius has received visitors from the United States in late June to take part in the annual celebration of the school patron, St. Aloysius Gonzaga and visit other ministries and attractions in Nairobi. This experience is a spiritual discovery journey that takes people out of their comfort zones to be in solidarity with those that are less fortunate in another part of the world. This experience is enriched with the support of a Jesuit Chaplain, who offers spiritual reflections each day.

If you would like information about the June 2019 Pilgrimage, please see the 2019 brochure or contact Cristine Pope at 312-834-6118, cristinepope@schoolofhopekenya.org.



St Al’s has a long tradition of welcoming volunteers offering their time, talent, and material. We offer a wide range of opportunities for people of all abilities and interests. Volunteer work is very significant at St. Al’s and is highly appreciated. Some potential volunteer areas for volunteer work at St. Al's include: teaching & tutoring, IT department, sports & drama coaching, and cleaning & sanitation.

Other areas for volunteering include helping in the school clinic, library, social department, and counseling, and giving talks on topical issues or liturgy/catechism.  If you would like more information about volunteering, please contact Cristine Pope at 312-834-618 or cristinepope@schoolofhopekenya.org.



Thanks to the generosity of our donors, and the efforts of the Board and Junior Board, we are able to raise sufficient funds to provide free high quality education, books, uniforms, meals, basic medical care, extracurricular activities and a mentoring program for 280 students.  The newly formed Junior Board of Directors is working in teams in Washington DC, Chicago, New York City, and Atlanta to fundraise for our dormitory campus construction.  For more information or to get involved in the Junior Board, please send a message to socialmedia@schoolofhopekenya.org.